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Out now! Bitcoin payments via BitBucks within seconds

The wait is finally over! Our BitBucks app is live in the iOS App Store. After a successful test phase, you can now pay with your own bitcoins via BitBucks. Swift, safe, simple: That's our motto. Get the BitBucks app now!

August 07, 2019, Philipp Peters

Buying bitcoins: The complete guide

Have you heard of Bitcoin yet? Are you curious? Have you often thought that you would like have and use bitcoins? Did you get stuck trying to figure out how to get your hands on bitcoins. Did it seem too hard and complicated? Don't worry. We’ve prepared a guide to help you to buy bitcoins.

August 06, 2019, Philipp Peters
BitBucks Pay Bicoins with Dollar

BitBucks - Bitcoin Payments to phone numbers in seconds

We at BitBucks want to give everyone the chance to pay with Bitcoin on their smartphones. Simply pay with Bitcoin to the phone number of a friend and it only takes a few seconds – that’s how a payment tool for the world’s best known cryptocurrency has to work. 

July 17, 2019, Philipp Peters

Monetary autonomy: Bitcoin and BitBucks make it possible

The trend in money is towards complete dependence on large corporations. With Bitcoin and BitBucks, you can resist this trend and gain monetary autonomy.

July 16, 2019, Benny Christmann
Autonomy BitBucks App

BitBucks on the Search for Beta Testers

Take part, when bitcoin reinvents the art of payments. BitBucks is one piece of the whole picture, a tool to bring Bitcoin into your everyday life. Starting today you can test a simulation of the iOS app.

July 09, 2019, Frank Meier
BitBucks App

BitBucks begins!

BitBucks is on a coffee mission; we want everybody to pay for everything with bitcoin while keeping the Bitcoin blockchain decentralized. Our app for off-chain transactions will enable this, similar to Lightning, but simpler. Today we begin the public beta for iOS. Take part now!

July 02, 2019, Benny Christmann
BitBucks App

Perspectives for Bitcoin at the UNCHAIN 2019

On June 14th and 15th the second UNCHAIN Convention took place in Berlin. We attended and enjoyed the most important crypto event in Germany.

June 25, 2019, Frank Meier
Unchain Convention Berlin

Bitcoin protects against inflation

Every state currency loses value over time because the money supply grows uncontrollably. With Bitcoin, on the other hand, an algorithm defines how many monetary units there are. This makes the digital currency a precaution against inflation

June 04, 2019, Benny Christmann
Bitcoin Inflation Save

Bitcoin is the money of the Internet

Bitcoins apply wherever the Internet reaches. They turn the net into a global currency union. In addition, Bitcoins move on the Internet as smoothly as a fish in water. This reduces many of the frictions that affect the current monetary system.

May 22, 2019, Benny Christmann
BitBucks Global System

Bitcoin is private money

In the age of digital mass surveillance, most people's finances are quite transparent. Bitcoin helps you keep the monitors in the dark.

May 14, 2019, Benny Christmann
Bitcoin is private

How to store Bitcoin safely

There are several methods of storing Bitcoin. These range from paper wallets to online wallets, from hardware wallets to Smartphone wallets. Your particular requirements will determine which method is right for you.


April 15, 2019, Benny Christmann
Bitcoin Wallet

Earning Bitcoin: The complete guide

You can get Bitcoins like you get any other currency: You earn them. In our guide we present some options to receive Bitcoins by selling your products or services for it, by exchanging your income directly into Bitcoin or by earning it with fulfilling some minor tasks.

April 09, 2019, Benny Christmann
accept bitcoin as salary

The difference between Bitcoin and all other crypto currencies

It's not so easy to keep track on all the different kinds of crypto currencies. We at BitBucks support Bitcoin, because it combines decentralization and availability virtually like none of its competitors.

April 05, 2019, Frank Meier
Crypto Coins