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We at BitBucks want to give everyone the chance to pay with Bitcoin on their smartphones. Simply pay with Bitcoin to the phone number of a friend and it only takes a few seconds – that’s how a payment tool for the world’s best known cryptocurrency has to work. 

July 17, 2019
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The beginning is...easy! Download our simulation app on iOS (Android coming soon) and sign-up with your phone number. After receiving a validation code, your BitBucks journey into the future is about to start: As long as our app is running on demo mode, you have the opportunity to send imaginary Bitcoins to your friends and experience payments with BitBucks within seconds.



Create an account now and invite your phone contacts to use BitBucks. Once we go live on mainnet, you are among the firsts to have a BitBucks wallet, which gives you the chance to upload your Bitcoins into the app. All payments within the app are completely free and accessible for everyone. And don’t you worry: Your Bitcoins are protected by multi-signatures - therefore you won’t lose your credit, even if you lose your mobile phone.



Our BitBucks vision is global! All payments in our app can be made in any currency and always take place under the current Bitcoin rate. Just scan the wallet-ID of the payee or enter its phone number and in no time the transaction with Bitcoin is completed. Be it the refueling of your car, the hotel room at the reception or just a transfer to a friend: swift, secure, simple  – BitBucks is the payment tool of the future. 


BitBucks is for everyone! Download our simulation App on iOS now and give us your Feedback. Help us bringing BitBucks as a payment tool into the life of everybody.

Philipp Peters
Written by

Philipp Peters

Philipp works as a Online Marketing Manager at BitBucks. He keeps track of the daily developments all around cryptocurrencies. For him, one thing is clear: The future belongs to Bitcoin. 

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