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With the BitBucks Bitcoin Wallet you can not only experience the advantages of this exciting new currency, but also store your Bitcoin safely under German financial market supervision. All of this is possible due to our hosted custodial BitBucks Bitcoin Wallet. 

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Not your Keys - Not your coins

One of the most famous sayings you will hear about Bitcoin is “Not your Keys - Not your coins”. Its existence arose from people warning amateurs that you only truly own Bitcoin if you are the owner of the key. And by any means, that's not wrong at all, but you also have to be aware of the risk that losing the key means never having access to your Wallet ever again. That means the ultimate loss of all your Bitcoin in this wallet.

True safety and loss protection for your Bitcoin are guaranteed by our BitBucks Wallet.

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Bitcoin Exchange Markets

The custody of Bitcoin at Bitcoin Markets has always been a controversial topic. Yet, the past has shown that larger amounts of Bitcoins have been lost several times due to failures at Bitcoin Exchange Places.

The BitBucks Bitcoin Wallet guarantees you true security!

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BitBucks Bitcoin Custody

While your money in your bank account is used and moved by the bank, your bitcoins are stored safe with us. BitBucks does not use your Bitcoin to speculate or invest. It's our biggest priority to keep your Bitcoin safe and allow you to pay with the currency of the future. 

Our industry-grade custody concept guarantees maximum security for your Bitcoin.

From our blog on storing Bitcoin:

Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin Wallet: The Art of Storing

There are several methods of storing Bitcoin. These range from paper wallets to online wallets, from hardware wallets to Smartphone wallets. Your particular requirements will determine which method is right for you.


Are bitcoin payments anonymous?

No, bitcoins payments are not anonymous. The blockchain stores every transaction including sender and receiver. However, bitcoins payment is pseudonymous: The blockchain does not know any private data, but only signatures and addresses. Bitcoin thus allows a degree of privacy that goes far beyond that of banks and payment service providers.

Can bitcoins be seized?

If you store your private key securely, no one can confiscate your bitcoins.  Only the one who has the key can access bitcoins. It is protected by strong cryptography.

Can bitcoin transactions be censored?

If you make the transaction yourself - no. Transactions are pseudonymised and processed by a network without distinction. As Bitcoin is a decentralised network, there is no central location with the power to prevent other nodes from carrying out and verifying transactions - as long as these are covered and valid according to the rules of the network. 

How can I improve my privacy?

As all transactions are transparent, it is important to look after your privacy. Most wallets automatically have a few fundamental rules in place. You will never use the same address to receive Bitcoin, including change. Where users use multiple wallets, this significantly increases your privacy.  It is also good for privacy to use offchain methods such as lightning or BitBucks. 

How can I store my private key?

Usually the Bitcoin wallet keeps your private keys private by storing them in an encrypted file. You can also print the private keys as "Cold Wallet" and separate them from the Internet. You should be aware that you are solely responsible for the security of the keys. If you lose them, you lose your bitcoins. Wallets such as BitBucks, which store keys for their customers, can offer inexperienced users additional protection against key loss.

Is Bitcoin legal?

In almost all countries, the use of Bitcoin to send and receive money is permitted. In a few countries this is restricted or completely forbidden. Please seek reliable information as to the legal situation regarding Bitcoin in your country.

What is a Bitcoin wallet?

A Bitcoin wallet is software you can use to administer your bitcoins. There are many wallets for all common computer systems. You can choose between local and online wallets. A local wallet gives greater independence and privacy, while an online wallet can offer more convenience. 

Who can use Bitcoin?

Anyone who has access to the Internet. Everyone is equal with Bitcoin; the network does not require permission. Age, gender, religion, social status, origin - Bitcoin does not recognise these categories.

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