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Buying Bitcoin: The Guide

Have you heard of Bitcoin before? You are curious and always wanted to own Bitcoin? But ultimately it was too difficult and the step too big? No problem. In this guide we will help you to buy Bitcoins. It's easy.

May 15, 2023
Bitcoin Verwahren

The most common method is to simply buy Bitcoins. Especially if you want to quickly acquire a larger amount of Bitcoins, there is hardly a way around a marketplace or an exchange place. You can also buy Bitcoins directly from another person via peer-to-peer platforms. In almost every country in the world, there is a platform to exchange your own currency for Bitcoins. Just take a look at our list of exchange places, marketplaces and other platforms to buy Bitcoin in your local currency. 

Bitcoin Exchange and Marketplaces:

You can exchange almost every major currency in the world for Bitcoins. Some examples:

US-Dollar (USD):
Coinbase, BitStamp, Kraken

Euro (Euro):, Kraken, Bitstamp

Japanese Yen (JPY):
BitFlyer, CoinCheck

British Pfund (GBP):
CoinFloor, Bittylicious

Polish Złoty (PLN):,

South Korean Wen (KRW):
Korbit, Bithumb, UPbit

Indonesian Rupiah (IDR):

Brazilian Real (BRL):
Mercado Bitcoin, Negocie Coins

Australian Dollar (AUD):, Independent Reserve,

Canadian Dollar (CAD):


Of course there are many other stock exchanges, marketplaces and exchange offices. You can find some here:



If your local currency isn't in our list, it's always worth it to check out peer-2-peer exchange places like LocalBitcoins, PaxFul or HodlHodl


How to buy Bitcoins

Usually you have to register at a platform to buy Bitcoins. This usually requires some kind of identification procedure. For smaller amounts, it is often sufficient to identify yourself with a bank account. For larger ones, you either have to go through video identification or uploading your ID documents. These processes are standard by now and are usually completed within a few minutes.
After that you can buy bitcoins at a fixed price. At stock exchange places, this is called a "market order". In order to accept such an offer, however, you must first transfer money to your account. This is usually done through a bank transfer. On marketplaces you can accept offers from other users. 


Bitcoin ATMs and Coupons

Apart from these internet platforms, you can also buy bitcoins via a bitcoin ATM. There aren't many of these ATMs yet, but there are websites to check, whether you live close to one of these. This usually works by depositing cash and without any form of identification procedure or time delay. In Switzerland, you can buy Bitcoins directly at the local railway machines.

You can find Bitcoin ATMs near you on the CoinATMRadar map. You can also search for zip codes, towns or countries there. Sometimes the machines are saved but not yet placed on the map.

In some countries, such as Austria or France, you can also buy Bitcoin vouchers in stores. You then redeem these vouchers on the publisher’s platform to receive your Bitcoins



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Philipp Peters
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Philipp Peters

Philipp works as a Online Marketing Manager at BitBucks. He keeps track of the daily developments all around cryptocurrencies. For him, one thing is clear: The future belongs to Bitcoin. 

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