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What makes Bitcoin the future of money

April 05, 2019

There is no publisher of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is not issued by any state or bank. Bitcoin is a free and decentralised payment network.

Bitcoin is uncensored.
Bitcoin cannot be confiscated.
Bitcoin payments cannot be stopped.
No matter who you want to send Bitcoin to - no third party can stop you.

No matter how much Bitcoin has been sent to you - the transaction cannot be undone. Of course the legal regulations still apply. But of course this also means that you have to take special care here.

Bitcoin is not inflationary

Bitcoin's money supply is limited to 21 million coins. There is no central authority that can increase this limit (but of course the number could be increased at some point by consensus).

Bitcoin is deflationary. The bottom line is that shrinkage and loss reduce the amount. The common opinion that this is bad for a currency cannot be confirmed here so far.

Frank Meier GrĂ¼nder von BitBucks
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Frank Meier

Founder and CEO of BitBucks. Frank is a digital pioneer of the internet, social network builder and one of the founders of the Digital Agency FUF // Frank und Freunde.

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