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Earning Bitcoin: The complete guide

You can get Bitcoins like you get any other currency: You earn them. In our guide we present some options to receive Bitcoins by selling your products or services for it, by exchanging your income directly into Bitcoin or by earning it with fulfilling some minor tasks.

April 09, 2019
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If you run a business or work freelance, you can add bitcoins as a payment option. It’s especially easy if you have an online store, thanks to the many plug-ins and service providers that integrate bitcoins into the check-out process. You can use free tools to do this, such as for Wordpress, WooCommerce, Shopify, or Prestashop, or you can commission payment providers who can convert all or part of the bitcoins you earn into your desired currency, upon request.

List of Wordpress-Plugins:

Wordpress Bitcoin Plugins 
PrestaShop Bitcoin Plugins 
Shopify Bitcoin Plugins 

List of Payment-Providers:


As a freelancer, you can easily receive payments through a bitcoin wallet. You don't even need a bank account to do so. The best part: You can receive payments from all over the world without obstacles, currency exchanges, or delays. Payments that often involve enormous effort are made extremely simple thanks to bitcoin.

Even if your client isn't interested in paying with bitcoin, that’s no problem. There are service providers who automatically convert payments from local currencies into bitcoin before sending them to you. That means a freelancer based in South America or North Africa, for example, can charge dollars and euros for their work – but get paid in bitcoin. This eliminates many of the inconveniences that often come with international payments.

Even full-time employees can receive their salary in bitcoin. Just register with a service provider to have part or all of your salary converted into bitcoin.

Salary/payment converter:


There are also many other ways to earn bitcoins. For example, some cashback services refund a small part of your online purchases into bitcoin cashbacks. If you run a blog or otherwise have an internet presence, you can add an affiliate link that converts part of the income generated from those links into bitcoin. Depending on your audience, you can also add a bitcoin address under your blog articles to receive donations from readers.

Cashback services:


There are also several alternatives to Patreon where your fans can support you in bitcoin. partly pays in bitcoin, Bitbackers pays in Bitcoin Cash. These and other alt-coins can be exchanged for bitcoins through online exchanges, often without needing to register or undergo verifications.


Other areas of cryptocurrency also offer many ways to top up your pocket money. You can offer freelance services on in exchange for bitcoin SV; on you can complete small tasks in exchange for Bitcoin Cash. On Steemit, or, you can write articles to earn cryptocurrencies, or you can post videos on the Streamanity platform.



As you can see, there are countless ways to earn bitcoins. So what are you waiting for?



Yet, we from BitBucks didn’t create our wallet to store your savings in form of Bitcoin. It’s more about a simple and secure payment tool, for the quickest and easiest way to pay with Bitcoin. Download our simulation app on iOS now and help us bringing BitBucks into the life of everybody!

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Benny Christmann

Benny is in Bitcoin since 2014. He is a believer in decentralisation and sound money. He thinks bitcoin should be the native money of the internet and democratize the monetary system.

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