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Our Mission

BitBucks gives people all over the world a simple and fast way to pay with bitcoin on their smartphone.
We are convinced that payments are the key to integrate Bitcoin into everyday life.

Pay at the speed of light

The fastest way to pay with Bitcoin. Your payment will arrive within seconds.

Pay in all currencies

It doesn't matter if you want to pay in dollars, yen or euros - BitBucks is international. The amount specified will always be converted into Bitcoin using the most up-to-date exchange rate.

Pay safely and securely

Your Bitcoin is multi-signature protected and will be stored in the safest wallets. Even if you lose your mobile phone, you will not lose your credit.

Send payments to friends and local businesses

The BitBucks App on your mobile phone, loaded with Bitcoin, is all you need. The payee can even receive your payment if they do not register with BitBucks until later.

Make payments without high fees

Don't pay your bank, and avoid high transfer fees on international payments. A Bitcoin transfer fee is only applied to the loading of your wallet.

It's that easy to get started with BitBucks

In just three simple steps you can pay for (almost) everything with Bitcoin.

Step 1

Download the app or use the WebApp.

Step 2

Top-up the BitBucks app with Bitcoin credit.

Step 3

Pay friends or businesses by using their phone numbers.

Frequently asked questions

Do you need banks in order to use Bitcoin?

Yes and no. If you want to buy Bitcoin directly from, for example, the stock market, you will need a valid credit card or bank account. Another way to get bitcoin is by using custodial wallets like BitBucks. This is possible because Bitcoin is a monetary protocol for the Internet. You can use Bitcoin in the same way as you access a website. Access is enabled by wallet software, which is available in various models free of charge, or by direct connection to a node.

Who can use Bitcoin?

Anyone who has access to the Internet. Everyone is equal with Bitcoin; the network does not require permission. Age, gender, religion, social status, origin - Bitcoin does not recognise these categories.

Who does Bitcoin belong to?

Bitcoin is, in essence, an open-source software. This means that it belongs to no-one and therefore to everyone. No-one can build a fence around Bitcoin - everyone has access.

Why is Bitcoin so revolutionary?

Bitcoin is a truly international currency which is inflation-resistant, private, autonomous, does not require consent and cannot be censored. There is no central bank devaluing money through inflation, nor any banks or other middle-men conducting the transfer between sender and receiver. Bitcoin transactions are without borders. The user's private key gives full ownership of Bitcoin units, and with a passphrase you can even store it in your head. 

Is Bitcoin the future of money?

Bitcoin is digital and could become the native money of the Internet. Bitcoin is international - it is not issued by a particular nation, but operated and secured by an enormous decentralised network.

Become a part of the Bitcoin monetary system

Bitcoin already provides many of the options and functions of actual money, just like conventional monetary systems. You can trade and exchange bitcoin as well as send and receive it. There are a wide range of storage options like escrow and cold wallets. In fact, some credit and wage payments are already being based on Bitcoin.

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