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Take part, when bitcoin reinvents the art of payments. BitBucks is one piece of the whole picture, a tool to bring Bitcoin into your everyday life. Starting today you can test a simulation of the iOS app.

July 09, 2019
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Bitcoin should be as easy as possible. The cryptocurrency shouldn‘t be a toy for nerds, but a means of payment for everybody and everything: coffee, computer games, donuts, hotel rooms, taxi drivers, burgers and so on. We from BitBucks work hard to realize this vision – because we believe that bitcoin as an everyday medium of payments will make the world a better place.


BitBucks is an app to send bitcoins offchain. Not as decentralised as Lightning, but as efficient and much easier to use. Our challenge is not to store large amounts of bitcoins securely and privately, but to create the easiest tool for everyday payments, for coffee and so on – without letting a transaction hit the blockchain. We seriously believe that there not ONE master plan to make bitcoin suitable for the masses – but only a combination of tools and apps.


One piece of the puzzle is the BitBucks app. With the app you can send bitcoins to your phone contacts – with no fee and in real time. To challenge and advance our usability before we go live on mainnet, we need your feedback. For this, we created a simulation of the app, which is now available in the iOS App store.


Find out more about our vision to reinvent the art of digital payments. BitBucks is one piece of the whole picture, a tool to bring Bitcoin into everydays life – accessable for everyone. Starting today you can download our simulation of the app for iOS. Try and send imaginary Bitcoins to your friends, be a whale, and leave a feedback. When we go live, you will be among the first to have an account. Help us bringing BitBucks as a payment tool into the life of everybody.


BitBucks is for everyone. Download our simulation App on iOS now!

Frank Meier Gründer von BitBucks
Written by

Frank Meier

Founder and CEO of BitBucks. Frank is a digital pioneer of the internet, social network builder and one of the founders of the Digital Agency FUF // Frank und Freunde.

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