Bitcoin: The future of finance

Cryptocurrencies are the single most innovative financial development of our time and on the brink of revolutionizing the whole financial system. The potential is incredible, and yet the technology is still a mystery to most people. We want to change that.

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Bitcoin is the future

Bitcoins apply wherever the Internet reaches. They turn the net into a global currency union. In addition, Bitcoins move on the Internet as smoothly as a fish in water. This reduces many of the frictions that affect the current monetary system.

Crypto Coins

What makes Bitcoin so special

Although Bitcoin was the first representative of its kind, there are now a myriad of different crypto currencies.

There are also some copies of Bitcoin itself. What is so special about Bitcoin?

Central bank EZB in Frankfurt, Issuer of the Euro

Why is Bitcoin sound money?

Many of its features make Bitcoin a very stable and secure digital currency.

Bitcoin is often described as digital gold and promises its users financial autonomy. You don't need a bank anymore.