BitBucks is just that easy

Simply pay with bitcoin by using the phone number of a friend or business partner. This is BitBucks!

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In just a few simple steps you will be ready to make payments with Bitcoin in a matter of seconds.

Simply verify your telephone number, enter your name and, if you like, upload a photo of yourself. This will make it easier for your contacts to recognise you and see who the payment is coming from.

Load with Bitcoin

First of all you need to load your BitBucks wallet.

Send some credit from your Bitcoin wallet or exchange account to your BitBucks account. You may have been sold some Bitcoin directly, and this will be sent to you at BitBucks.

Only keep small amounts in your BitBucks wallet – just enough to make everyday payments with Bitcoin. It is not the right place to keep your life savings.

Enter the amount and currency

Simply enter the amount you wish to pay.

Select a currency - your standard currency is pre-set.

Done - you're ready to go.

Select a contact

Select the contact to whom you wish to pay the specified amount.

Your most recent contact will be automatically suggested.

Otherwise you can simply select another contact from your address book or enter the telephone number to which you wish to send the payment. Instead of a telephone number, you can also scan in the code that you received from your payment contact.


Send payment

You will see once again the intended recipient and amount of your payment.

Check your selections and then send the payment.

If you are both online, the payment will arrive within a second.

That was it

The confirmation screen contains all the relevant details of your transaction.

And, of course, it also shows you whether your payment has arrived.

That was it. That's how easy you want all your future payments to be.

Our Vision

BitBucks - the best wallet for Bitcoin payments

You want to pay instantly with bitcoin? Check out the BitBucks Wallet - simple and secure payments within seconds.

This is how a Bitcoin Wallet has to work!