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Zahle mit Bitcoin an deine Freunde
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How to send Bitcoin with BitBucks?

Select Pay on the main menu.

Pay Screen

Simply enter the amount you want to pay. This amount will be displayed in the app immediately in your desired currency or as Bitcoin.


Kontakte Screen

Select a contact to whom you want to pay the desired amount. 

Otherwise, directly enter a phone number to which you want to pay.

Instead of a phone number, you can also scan the QR code of another BitBucks Wallet user.

Pay complete Screen

Check your entries again and send the payment.

BitBucks Pay Bicoins with Dollar

Spendl instead of Hodl: Pay with Bitcoin now!

Many Bitcoiners just want to hodl their digital coins. But this will not start a monetary revolution. That‘s why we at BitBucks believe that spendl should become the new hodl – and that‘s what we‘ve optimized our app for.


Are there any fees for payments with BitBucks?

No! All payments within the BitBucks app are completely free and can be made in seconds.

How do I pay with the BitBucks app?

It's simple! With the payment function of the app you can pay instantly and easily in Bitcoin. Within a second the amount is credited to the BitBucks account of the recipient.

How do payments work with BitBucks?

Payments within the Bitcoin Wallet of BitBucks can be made to all valid telephone numbers. Since the transactions are executed outside the blockchain - offchain - even smaller amounts can be processed in BitBucks within a second.

Is Bitcoin legal?

In almost all countries, the use of Bitcoin to send and receive money is permitted. In a few countries this is restricted or completely forbidden. Please seek reliable information as to the legal situation regarding Bitcoin in your country.

What is the difference between Bitcoin and PayPal?

PayPal is a closed system. The money that is moved via PayPal remains in that system, and can only be accessed through PayPal software. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is an open system. The user can transfer money directly, without a middle-man. At the same time this means that there is a market for middle-mens, who can provide users with an interface for Bitcoin and, with a wallet like BitBucks, payments are cheaper and more convenient.

Where can I make payments with Bitcoin?

In theory, everywhere there is Internet. All you need is a Bitcoin Wallet such as BitBucks. Unlike national currencies, however, there is no obligation to accept Bitcoin as legal tender and so individual merchants may choose to accept it or not. At any rate, there are shops and stores in almost every country in the world that accept payments in Bitcoin, as well as numerous international online providers. Many merchants are also willing to accept BTC on request.

Who can use Bitcoin?

Anyone who has access to the Internet. Everyone is equal with Bitcoin; the network does not require permission. Age, gender, religion, social status, origin - Bitcoin does not recognise these categories.

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